Auto Repair Advice: Handling an Overheating Engine in Woodinville

overheating engine WoodinvilleDo you know how to handle an overheating engine in Woodinville, Washington? Issues like this rarely occur with an auto repair shop close by. In most cases, you, not an auto technician, are responsible for the initial response. If you’ve never dealt with an overheating engine before, this situation can seem really scary. Taking the following steps will ensure your safety.

Turn Off Your Vehicle

If your engine is overheating, you need to turn off your car or truck right away. Don’t attempt to make it to the closest auto maintenance center. Continuing to drive can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

Let the Engine Cool

One of the most frustrating aspects of an overheating engine is when you can’t get immediate help. There’s little you can do other than wait for the engine to cool down. Even road-side assistance will have to wait. It’s also important not to touch the radiator cap, as this will be very hot and can shoot off due to pressure build-up.

Add More Coolant

After your engine has cooled down, you’ll need to add more coolant before driving again. Whether you do this yourself or call for assistance is up to you. A professional will need to determine if there is a leak or blockage somewhere.

Need to Schedule Auto Repair in Woodinville?

Is your car or truck overheating in Woodinville, Washington? It’s time to schedule auto repair with a shop you trust. The pros at Papa Bear’s Auto Center can help. We offer a wide variety of auto services, including car washes, emission repair and fleet maintenance. Our highly-trained technicians have the knowledge, skills and equipment to address all your auto maintenance and repair needs quickly and efficiently. 

Auto Repair & Maintenance in Woodinville

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