Canyon Park Auto Maintenance Tips: Replacing Your Car Battery

replacing your car battery Canyon ParkAre you worried your car battery may be dying near Canyon Park? Under the best conditions, you can expect your vehicle’s battery to last about four years. If you suspect there’s an issue or that it’s time for a replacement, it’s important to schedule auto maintenance services with a certified auto technician as soon as possible. Ignoring the warning signs now could result in you being stranded later. Or, worse, it might lead to more expensive auto repair down the road. Watch for the following indicators that it’s time to consider replacing your car battery.

Engine is Slow to Crank

Don’t hesitate to take a trip to your local auto maintenance center if you notice your vehicle’s engine is sluggish. If it takes longer than normal to start, something is probably wrong. In many cases, the problem’s source is a dying car battery. A professional can test yours to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced.

Check Engine Light Activates 

Another sign you need to schedule auto maintenance services is the activation of your vehicle’s check engine light. This warning can indicate a wide variety of issues. A technician will have to run a test to determine the underlying cause of the light, but a common culprit is a dying car battery.

Battery Case Begins Swelling

Does the casing around your battery seem larger suddenly? This can happen just before it fails, especially if the temperature is high. If you notice swelling, have an auto maintenance technician take a look as soon as possible. 

Need Help Replacing Your Car Battery near Canyon Park?

Do you need to schedule auto maintenance for your car or truck near Canyon Park? Count on the pros at Papa Bear’s Auto Center for routine maintenance, general repair, emission repair and fleet maintenance. We also offer car washes. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Help Replacing Your Car Battery near Canyon Park

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