Auto Repair Questions in Alderwood Manor: Why is My Check Engine Light On?

check engine lightHas your car’s check engine light lit up in Alderwood Manor, Washington? Since there is a multitude of causes for this, you’ll need to book a visit at an auto repair station for diagnostics. Your auto service center can inform you of what’s going on with your vehicle and suggest an appropriate course of action. Here are some of the common causes for the check engine light turning on.

Damaged or Missing Gas Cap

One of the first things you should examine when your check engine lights activate is the gas cap. Is it damaged or missing altogether? Luckily, this issue won’t require comprehensive auto maintenance or an auto repair service to solve.

Worn Spark Plug

The spark plug is petite, but if this part wears out, it can lead to severe and ongoing issues. With this problem, you may not even be able to start your vehicle. An auto technician can replace the spark plug easily and at a relatively low cost.

Damaged Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter may need to be inspected. This component minimizes your car’s carbon emissions and also boosts fuel efficiency. A faulty catalytic converter may also lead to a failed emissions tests in an otherwise healthy vehicle.

Require a Check Engine Light Inspection in Alderwood Manor?

Do you require expedient auto repair in Alderwood Manor? If the check engine light comes on, don’t delay and bring the car to a certified mechanic ASAP. Contact Papa Bear’s Auto Center in Bothell to book an appointment. Our crew has the hands-on experience and technical expertise to service personal and fleet vehicles. Apart from diagnostics and repairs, we also perform automotive services like car washes and emission inspections.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics in Alderwood Manor

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