Is It Time for Engine Maintenance Near Lake Forest Park?

engine maintenanceDo you require engine maintenance for your vehicle near Lake Forest Park, Washington? General maintenance not only enhances performance but also prevents major issues from arising. This is why it’s essential that car owners learn to identify the signs that the engine may be in need of a checkup at an auto service center. Make an appointment at your local body shop the minute you recognize one or more of the following signs.

Loud Noises

It’s not normal for cars to produce sounds beyond the engine hum. If you hear noises that seem out of place, such as squealing or grinding, then schedule an appointment ASAP. Further operation of the vehicle may only cause further damage to the motor and associating parts.

Reduced Power

Do you notice a decrease in power, especially during acceleration? The car may seem really slow to pick up speed on the highway or freeway despite nearly fully engaging the gas pedal.

More Exhaust

Your car emits exhaust, but any increase in visible emissions should be a cause for concern. Thicker fumes, or fumes that appear bluish, whitish, or blackish, are not normal. This is an immediate sign that you require auto repair services.

Need an Engine Maintenance Professional Near Lake Forest Park?

Do you suspect your vehicle is due for engine maintenance near Lake Forest Park, Washington? If your vehicle exhibits any of the aforementioned signs, then it needs attention from a licensed mechanic. Contact Papa Bear’s Auto Center in Bothell to schedule an appointment for a car inspection. We perform engine assessments on all vehicle types, from fleet vehicles to diesel automobiles. We also perform car washes, which we can do as part of a bigger car maintenance plan.

Engine Maintenance Near Lake Forest Park

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