Auto Repair Tips Near Brier: Never Ignore These Dashboard Warning Lights

dashboard warning light

Do you know the meaning of each dashboard warning light near Brier, Washington? One of these icons can light up at any moment and alert you that something is wrong with your car. Can you identify the problem just by looking at the icon? In any case, you need to bring your car to your local auto shop for an examination. The warning light only notifies you that there’s a problem but doesn’t specify the exact cause. Here are the common dashboard light icons and their meaning.

Check Engine

This icon is in the shape of an automotive engine. As you can probably guess, it points to a fault with the engine. Since the engine can undergo numerous problems, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with an auto repair center to perform a diagnosis and pinpoint the exact issue.

Check Oil

The icon is in the shape of an oil canister with a drop of oil coming out. This could mean the oil is low, dirty, or has low pressure. Regularly changing the oil in accordance with your vehicle’s user manual will prevent issues associated with low or stale motor oil.

Check Brakes

The check brakes light appears as an exclamation mark enclosed in a circle. This points to a defect with your brakes. This is a serious safety issue and requires a professional checkup right away. If the brakes don’t feel as responsive, consider towing your car to an auto shop instead of driving.

We Address Every Dashboard Warning Light Near Brier

If a dashboard warning light comes on, the worst thing you can do is ignore it and continue to drive as if everything is fine. What you need to do is let a professional technician take a look. Bring your car to Papa Bear’s Auto Center for a diagnosis by a certified mechanic. We can identify the problem and perform the necessary repairs, so your vehicle is safe and road-worthy. 

Dashboard Warning Light Servicing Near Brier

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