Auto Repair Advice: Handling an Overheating Engine in Woodinville

overheating engine WoodinvilleIt can be scary to see smoke coming out of your hood while commuting on the road. Do you know how to respond to an overheating engine in Woodinville, Washington? Learn how to react in the event you see smoke emanating from the hood. It’s important that you take action and don’t continue to drive like normal. This applies whether operating a civilian car or a fleet vehicle.

Shut Off Your Vehicle

If your engine is overheating, find a spot to pull over and shut off your vehicle immediately. Some people may try to locate the nearest auto repair shop. However, this may entail driving for a few extra miles, which may lead to further damage.

Let the Engine Cool

After you shut off the engine, open the hood and let the engine cool off. Use this time to call a tow truck or roadside assistance. Do not touch the radiator cap. The cap will be piping hot, and it may even shoot off and hit you in the face due to the pressure build-up.

Add More Coolant

Before starting the vehicle back up, add additional coolant to the reservoir. It’s a good idea to have a bottle of coolant in your trunk. Roadside assistance can also do this for you and determine whether your car is safe to resume driving.

We Service Cars with an Overheating Engine in Woodinville

An overheating engine can occur in any vehicle model. If this happens to your car, then bring it or have it towed to Papa Bear’s Auto Center for assistance. In addition to emergency servicing, we can also perform preventive measures, such as performing an oil change.

Prevent an Overheating Engine in Woodinville

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