Auto Maintenance Tips Near Canyon Park: Replacing Your Car Battery

replacing your car battery Canyon ParkCar batteries last three to five years on average. Replacing your car battery is something you should expect to do several times over the life of your vehicle. If you suspect the battery may be near the end of its life, then make an appointment at an auto repair center. A technician will examine the battery to determine its condition. The following are some of the common warning signs that alert you of a dying battery.

Engine Is Slow to Crank

When you turn the ignition, does it take longer than usual for the engine to start? You may notice the engine struggle as you hear a prolonged cranking before the engine finally roars to life. This isn’t normal and in most cases is a symptom of a dying battery. This applies across all vehicle models, including commercial fleet vehicles.

Check Engine Light Activates 

Did the check engine light activate? Of course, there are multiple light icons. As you can probably guess, the icon of a battery indicates a problem with the battery. You’ll need to bring your car to an auto shop. A technician will perform a voltage check.

Swelling Battery Case

Does the battery case appear enlarged? This may happen before a battery fails and is more common under high temperatures. The swelling stems from a molecular change within the battery’s electrolytes.

Need Assistance Replacing Your Car Battery Near Canyon Park?

Replacing your car battery ensures you don’t end up with a vehicle that refuses to start. Schedule maintenance by bringing your vehicle to Papa Bear’s Auto Center for a battery assessment. We also perform a plethora of other services, such as brake and suspension repair and oil changes.

Help Replacing Your Car Battery Near Canyon Park

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