Recommended Auto Maintenance for High Mileage Vehicles Near North Creek

recommended Auto Maintenance north creekIs your high-mileage car or truck getting recommended auto maintenance near North Creek? These vehicles are older and have accrued more miles over their life. As such, they’ll require more frequent maintenance intervals. If not, then they’ll be subject to expensive auto repairs. Here are some of the services we often perform and recommend for high-mileage automobiles.

Brake Inspections

As a rule of thumb, you should schedule a brake inspection with an auto center once per year. This includes a checkup of components like the brake pads, rotors, and brake fluid levels. This ensures the brakes and suspension system continue to operate reliably and you don’t experience issues like an increase in stopping distance.

Battery Connection Cleanings

It may appear minor, but cleaning your car’s battery connection is an essential part of auto care for older vehicles. This area accumulates corrosion over time, making it difficult for the battery to transmit power. Apart from cleaning the terminals, a technician should also perform a voltage check to determine whether the battery has ample power.

AC System Check

In addition, it’s quite common for older cars to develop issues with the AC and heating unit. A technician can examine the coolant strength and AC condenser to verify everything is working as it should. Furthermore, the mechanic can check vents for signs of mold growth.

Need Recommended Auto Maintenance Near North Creek?

Now that you understand why high-mileage vehicles require more care than their modern counterparts, take action by making an appointment at Papa Bear’s Auto Center. Our team performs a diverse array of services, including car washes to ensure your vehicle looks spotless.

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