Schedule These Auto Maintenance Services Before Traveling this Summer Near Thrashers Corner

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With summer here, now is the time to have some fun and take advantage of the sunny weather. Perhaps you can go to the beach, or take a trip to the countryside. Whatever the plans, it’s best to schedule summer car maintenance. Heat can tax various car parts, from the tire to the engine. This can lead to premature wear and eventually require costly repair and potential parts replacement. Here are the maintenance checks we recommend if you have a lengthy commuting trip planned this season.

Tire Inspection and Rotation

Examine the tires and contemplate a replacement if the treads are worn. High temperatures lead to air expansion in the tire interior. This accounts for the increase in tire blowouts in the summer. Upon inspection, an auto repair service mechanic may also suggest other services if needed, such as tire balance or alignment. We recommend that car owners keep a digital tire gauge in their trunk and inspect the tires’ psi once a month.

Battery Check

An auto shop can inspect the battery and charge it if the remaining power is low. Car owners tend to believe batteries predominantly die in the winter. However, batteries are prone to failure when exposed to temperature extremes at either end.

Brake Examination

Ask the technician to examine the brakes. The mechanic can gauge the health of vital brake components like the pads and rotors. Brake fluids can also be topped off as needed.

Need Summer Car Maintenance Near Thrashers Corner?

Do you need summer car maintenance prior to an upcoming road trip? Make an appointment with Papa Bear’s Auto Center for a pre-trip inspection. We perform a wide gamut of automotive services, from oil changes to engine rebuilds. Our team has the experience and tools of the trade to prep your car for extended trips under formidable weather.

Summer Car Maintenance Near Thrashers Corner

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