When to Schedule North Creek Auto Repair

auto repairDo you think it’s time for car repair near North Creek? While routine auto maintenance minimizes the chances of problems arising, issues can still occur from time to time. Learn to recognize the signs your vehicle may be due for repairs and/or parts replacements. This is especially important for summer when certain parts are more prone to wear and tear when exposed to hot weather.

Dashboard Warning Light Activation

A clear sign it’s time for auto repair is the dashboard warning light flashing on. If an icon lights up, then bring the vehicle to an auto technician right away. The point of the dashboard lights is to warn you of an issue that can interfere with performance or safety.

Noise While Driving/Braking

During acceleration and braking, there shouldn’t be any unusual sounds other than the steady engine hum. If you hear a sound akin to metallic grinding or a thumping, then something is likely wrong. See a professional auto mechanic right away.

Fluid Leak

Leaking fluids aren’t normal. This is most noticeable when the car is parked. When you back the vehicle out, a green or brown liquid puddle will be right where the car was. 

Need Car Repair at a North Creek Auto Center?

If any of the aforementioned symptoms become apparent, set an appointment with Papa Bear’s Auto Center in Bothell. Leave the car repair to the professionals with years of experience in the areas of engine, transmission, and brakes and suspension service. Car repair requires diagnosis using commercial computers and equipment. Among repairs and maintenance, we also perform car washes to give your car a glossy shine!

North Creek Car Repair Center

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Posted on July 11, 2023 | Published by Ignite Local | Related Local Business