Ask a Mill Creek Auto Repair Shop These Questions

Mill Creek auto repairDo you need car repairs near Mill Creek? It’s essential that you seek service for car repairs right away, as problems will only get worse if ignored. Naturally, you probably have a lot of questions pertaining to your vehicle’s health. These are questions a technician can answer. Here are the inquiries we get often and that we recommend all car owners ask while their vehicle is under a professional’s care.

What’s Your Level of Experience?

Always ask about the company’s experience. It’s important that the mechanics not only have certification and schooling but also hands-on experience. This applies whether you need auto repair or general maintenance like an oil change.

When Will the Work Be Finished?

After an initial inspection, the auto shop should give you an estimate. This should be stated in the contract. Whatever timeframe is stipulated, expect to have the work completed by that date, give or take a day or two.

Do You Provide a Warranty?

Read the terms and conditions to verify there’s a warranty in the clause. This is a safety net in the event the same problem arises not long after you drive off the auto shop lot. The warranty should cover parts and labor. Too many car owners mistakenly believe a warranty is automatically included and don’t bother reading the contract.

Need Car Repairs Around Mill Creek?

Knowing to ask the right questions ensures the process goes smoothly and that you don’t drive off without questions still lingering in your head. Set up your next appointment with Papa Bear’s Auto Center in Bothell for trustworthy workmanship. Our crew has many years working on car repairs for most manufacturers, including commercial fleet vehicles.

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