Winter Car Tire Maintenance Near Maltby

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Winter is here, and the Maltby area is known for nippy weather during this time of year. To prep your car, be certain to give your tires extra care. Winter tire maintenance is important for continued optimal performance. An auto service center can examine the tires and associating parts for early symptoms of wear and tear. Here are some additional tips to consider for better tire health.

Check the Tires at Regular Intervals

Tire pressure can change when the weather changes. Cold weather leads to accelerated pressure loss, while hot weather causes air inside the tires to expand. Check the pressure every 30 days.

Schedule a Rotation

Tire wear differs between each tire. The benefit of rotations is that they promote even wear. This way, when it’s time for replacement, you can replace all four tires as a set. We recommend a rotation every 7,000 miles or so.

Measure Tire Tread Depth

Tire treads enable the tire to “grab” onto the road. When the treads wear thin, the tires become susceptible to losing traction on icy and wet roads, making controls and braking more difficult.

Place Newly Purchased Tires in the Back

Here’s a trick: when you purchase just two tires, put the new tires in the back and the rear tires in the front. Most technicians know to do this but verify to be certain. New tires in the rear assists in traction.

Need Winter Tire Maintenance Near Maltby?

Winter tire maintenance is highly recommended as the weather becomes increasingly colder around Maltby. Now that you know why tire care is needed, take the next step by contacting Papa Bear’s Auto Center in Bothell. Our technicians perform various tire-related services, from tire alignment to tire balancing. We also perform emission repair and fleet maintenance for commercial vehicles.

Winter Tire Maintenance Near Maltby

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