Auto Repair Tips Near Brier: Never Ignore These Dashboard Warning Lights

dashboard warning light

Do you know about the connotation of each dashboard warning light near Brier, Washington? An icon can light out of the blue and notify you that something is amiss with your vehicle. Can you identify the issue just by looking at the icon? Whether you can or can’t, you need to get your car to an auto shop for a checkup. The warning light only notifies you that a problem exists but doesn’t indicate the precise cause. Here are the typical dashboard light icons and their meaning.

Check Engine

This icon is shaped like an engine. As implied, it points to an engine problem. Since the engine can experience a number of issues, you’ll need to set up an appointment with an auto repair center to conduct a diagnosis.

Check Oil

The icon takes the shape of an oil can. This could mean the oil is below recommended levels, dirty, or low in pressure. Routinely changing the oil per your vehicle’s user manual will offset issues regarding low or stale motor oil.

Check Brakes

The check brake light manifests as an exclamation point enclosed in a circle. This indicates a defect with the brakes. This is a serious safety hazard and warrants a professional assessment ASAP. If the brakes feel less responsive, consider towing the vehicle to an auto center instead of driving.

We Address Every Dashboard Warning Light Near Brier

If a dashboard warning light flashes on, the last thing you want to do is continue to drive as if nothing is wrong. You need to let a professional mechanic determine the underlying problem. Bring your vehicle to Papa Bear’s Auto Center for a diagnosis by a certified technician. We can locate the problem and conduct any needed repairs, so your car is safe and performance-worthy. 

Dashboard Warning Light Servicing

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