Car Maintenance and Repair Tasks Everyone Should Learn Near Clearview

car maintenance and repair near ClearviewMost auto repairs should be left to a professional mechanic near Clearview, Washington. However, there are basic car maintenance and repair jobs every car owner should know. These skills may prolong your vehicle’s health and minimize the number of major auto repairs over the vehicle’s life. 

Change a Tire

A flat tire can happen out of the blue. In this instance, would you have the ability to remove the damaged tire and install the spare? Practice changing a tire in the safe environment of your garage. Do this once every year. This includes using tools like a jack and lug wrench that you may not know or forget how to use.

Replace Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers are among the more often replaced components. You should have an extra wiper set that you can immediately swap out with the old one on a rainy day. The wipers usually have installation directions on the package, and it only takes a few minutes.

Respond to Dashboard Warnings

Get acquainted with the dashboard icons and the meaning of each one. Do you know which icon indicates you require an oil change, for instance? The user manual contains a list of the dashboard icons and a definition for each one.

Leave the Car Maintenance and Repair Tasks to a Clearview Professional

Most car maintenance and repair work warrant professional servicing. However, it’s the responsibility of the owner to be cognizant of the signs of a problem. Once you notice something isn’t right, the next step is to schedule servicing at Papa Bear’s Auto Center and talk to a mechanic. Our services are comprehensive and include other types of auto care, such as car washes. Whatever you need, we’ll get you back on the road in minimal time.

Car Maintenance and Repair Tasks

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