Auto Repair Advice: How to Handle the Car Overheating in Woodinville

car overheating in WoodinvilleIt can be frightening to see smoke blowing from the hood while in mid-commute. Do you know how to react to your car overheating in Woodinville, Washington? It’s essential that you take the appropriate course of action, as your safety and car’s health depend on it. It’s also equally important that you don’t act like nothing is wrong and continue to drive as if everything is fine. This applies whether driving a personal car or a fleet vehicle.

Shut Off Your Vehicle

If your engine is overheating, find a place to pull over and turn off your vehicle right away. Some people may try to find the closest auto repair shop. However, this may mean driving further than you need to, which may cause further damage.

Let the Engine Cool

Upon shutting off the engine, open the hood to allow the engine to cool. Call a tow truck or roadside assistance. Don’t touch the radiator cap. The cap will be extremely hot, and it may even shoot off and smack you in the face due to the intense pressure accumulation.

Add More Coolant

Before restarting the car, add more coolant to the reservoir. You should have a bottle of coolant in your trunk. Roadside assistance can also do this for you and assess whether your vehicle is safe for operation.

Is Your Car Overheating? Contact Our Woodinville Auto Shop

The car overheating can happen to any make and model. Should this happen, drive or tow it to Papa Bear’s Auto Center for help. Aside from emergency servicing, we also conduct maintenance work like an oil change.

Car Overheating Prevention

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