4 Signs You Need Radiator Repair Near Lake City


The radiator is an integral component of the vehicle that keeps the engine from overheating. The radiator’s role is even more important with summer here near Lake City. The outdoor heat can contribute to an overheated engine, especially if the radiator isn’t functioning at its peak. Recognize the signs your vehicle may be due for a radiator repair.

Temperature Gauge Reading

If the temperature gauge indicates the engine is getting dangerously hot, then the radiator is likely experiencing trouble. The engine is getting abnormally hot because the radiator isn’t providing sufficient cooling to disperse the heat. If you see smoke coming from the hood, pull over. Have the vehicle towed to an auto repair center.

Coolant Leak

Coolant may not flow properly in a worn radiator. This can lead to a pressure buildup, causing the fluid to leak through the hoses or radiator cap. The icon for low coolant may also light up on the dashboard.

Sludge in the Radiator

Coolant has a translucent color that’s yellow, green, or red in hue. Pull open the hood and examine the coolant reservoir. If the fluid appears discolored or sludge-like, then this may be a sign of contaminant buildup in the radiator.

Damaged Radiator Fins

Open the hood and have a look at the radiator fins. The fins are made of thin metal and can become damaged if they come into contact with debris. If any part of the metal appears bent or has clear signs of debris, this can affect airflow and increase the likelihood of heat buildup.

Need Radiator Repair Near Lake City?

The radiator is extra important in the summer. This applies to civilian and commercial fleet vehicles alike. If you notice any of the aforementioned signs, bring your vehicle to Papa Bear’s Auto Center for possible radiator repair in or around Lake City. We can perform repairs as part of a more comprehensive service that includes a tire check, transmission evaluation, oil change, and more.

Expert and Prompt Radiator Repair Near Lake City

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